Fix: Facebook Like button not working (2017)

Fix: Facebook Like button not working (2017)
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If you find that your website or blog’s Like count has reset to zero or is not displaying then you may be pleased to know the issue is normally fixed by updating to the latest Like button SDK, making sure to use the 2017 version of the Facebook API. You can use our free wizard to generate Like buttons for your website here.

Facebook has an API, that they call the Graph API. This API has a tonne of data available through different calls, and plugin creators used it to find the social sharing data for a given URL.

The Graph API is not just one API, though; it’s actually a rolling series of API updates. You can see the versions in the changelog. The current version is 2.8, but versions stretching all the way back to version 2.1 are all active. Each version has the date it was introduced and the date it will be made unavailable. For example, the 2.1 version was created on August 7 2014, and ceased to be available the day before Halloween this year. The current version, 2.8, was created October 5th of 2016 and is alleged to be available at least for two years – but Facebook has been known to change deadlines and dates at a whim.


Problem with Share counts only?

The root of the problem lies with Facebook, rather than with the plugins. Facebook has actually removed the shared count API from their public API. Much like Twitter before them, Facebook has made a change to make share counts less available. However, unlike Twitter, Facebook still shows the share count. Twitter removed it from their buttons altogether, believing it wasn’t valuable enough to keep around. Facebook has decided to use it as leverage instead. The share count exists, but is only accessible from the official Facebook button. Using a third party plugin means it has to make an API call, and can’t.

If you are still having problems then you can use the Facebook Dev tester tool, for advanced users only:


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